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Thank you for looking at my website: selected works, installation views and  a glimpse of works in progress. A former music journalist and publishing assistant of 20 years (NME, Uncut, AOL, Time Out, Premiere, Vox). I have been printmaking for the last 2.5 years and keep surprising myself with what I can create. I have a strong sense of history and community - having lived in Walthamstow, East London for all of my 36 years. Always seeking interesting projects to research, inform and facilitate my practice. 

All work, photos, images and text on this site are my own, if you have any questions or would like to purchase any of my original prints or commission something bespoke please do get in touch via the enquiry form. I aim to respond within 24 hours.

To see more photos and news I'm on Instagram and Facebook,

Instagram: Ifarahe17 and farah_ishaq_prints
Facebook: farahishaqartist