Poundstretcher, MA Degree Show (2018)


Poundstretcher (2018)

MA Fine Art Degree Show, University of East London, Docklands

The idea of representative voices, through the symbol of a microphone (as sketched hanging in their hundreds in the House of Commons last year), of speech and being heard, is still coming through fiercly in Farah’s work as seen throughout this year. 100 microphones were hung outdoors at Eastbury Manor House in March this year for International Women’s Day. They reappear here as the artist’s own voice – as an artist, as a student, as a woman, as a parent, as a homeowner, as a European, as a human – in despair at the current political and economic issues facing the United Kingdom and the wider world. In a time of education, arts, social, health And housing funding cuts and homelessness and foodbanks on the rise. there is a relatable feeling of unease in 2018 as Brexit approaches.

Extremely tempted to fill the large MA Graduate Showcase space with huge mural linocuts and immersive 2D prints – she has fought to forge a new directional outcome for her ideas starting with no fixed aim, whilst developing work in situ that is still recognisably hers. A first time for not knowing when the work was complete. Until it was.

Poundstretcher was not intentioned to be an autobiographical set of works – however this is the end result… in this space, at this time.  Spending a very full two months of fast-flowing working onsite – she progressed through resin casting jam jars, stencil making, drawing with PVC tape,  cyanotype sun printing, cutting hundreds of tubes, Hama Beading, Experimenting with air and water, building frames with pipes and photocopying clocks.

* is the edited, stripped down, result.

Despite all of the varied materials acquired and used throughout the work in progress phase, Poundstretcher is predominantly Installed with hand drawn, self lasercut Perspex, in negative and positive, & yellow Paracord. The TransparEncy and reflective properties are intentional.

Visitors are invited to move freely among the mobiles.



*No actual money was harmed in the making of this piece. The 10kgs of shreeded £50 and £5 notes that form the base of Falling were obtained from the Bank of England printworks in Debden.